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I started writing at an early age. My poem, “Mercury,” was published in my elementary school’s anthology.
I wrote for school papers. I also wrote monthly newsletters for my college Sunday school class. Those were the days. I typed them on a portable Sears typewriter using ditto paper, correcting errors by scraping off the ink with a razor blade.
Whatever possessed me to ask the editor of a local weekly paper if I could write a regular column? I wrote that column for a year and a half. I didn’t know it was a devotional.
God led me to a short-term assignment with the Far East Broadcasting Company on Okinawa, Japan. After two years, I came back to California.
I met this certain guy. Two and a half weeks after our first date, we were engaged.
I don’t remember how I heard about Colorado Christian Writers Conference. That’s where my meetings with magazine editors led to a few article sales. I also learned about devotionals. An editor gave me devotional assignments for several years.
Then God challenged me to write science fiction. I wrote a young adult novel that someday I might edit and turn into a sellable story. My critique partners challenged me to write adult fiction, and the rest is history.
I live in Denver, Colorado, with my husband of thirty years and two cats. He’s an electrical engineer who works with lasers for a living. He’s also a Mad Scientist with a 2,300-pound electromagnet.
My interests include cooking and volunteering. I attend a local science fiction convention as well as several writers conferences each year. I am a member of the Denver Area Science Fiction Association, American Christian Fiction Writers, its Denver chapter, and a critique group.
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