The Beast From the Swamp


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 Bo Sherman receives an urgent call for help from his cousin.  A huge wild pig has come out of the swamp near the town of Porcupine Junction and is terrorizing the local farms.  Hunting pigs is Bo’s passion, so this is an opportunity he can’t turn down.   But, when he arrives, Bo finds there is something unusual about the animal.   It is fast and elusive, and far more dangerous than any pig he has ever encountered.  He begins to suspect that it is not a pig at all, but some unknown animal, perhaps one that no human has ever seen before.  As the hunt goes on, the creature makes its way closer to town, leaving a trail of death in its wake.  The fear of a man-eater spreads through the community and Bo is all that stands between the creature and the people he loves. 

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FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary

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