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On July 15, 1359 BC a distress call was transmitted into deep space… On Christmas Eve 310 AD, relatively speaking, the distress call was received and a salvage crew dispatched… On March 24, 1965 an anomaly was first detected by the Ranger IX spacecraft and was subsequently confirmed by the Orbiter I and III platforms… On November 11, 1969 the anomaly was recovered by NASA’s Apollo XII crew... On May 13, 1994 a new asteroid, a NEA – a near-Earth asteroid, was first detected… The word recovery is indeed one pregnant with meaning and in the final analysis one must ask: who truly is recovering what? Was it NASA’s Apollo XII crew? Or was it the salvage mission of the Aten’s rightful owners? Recovery continues the temporal adventures of Egyptologist Joseph Richards. This is the second manuscript published by the Richards’ Trust in accordance with the posthumous wishes of Joseph William Richards, Ph.D.>

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FICTION / Science Fiction / Hard Science Fiction

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