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Jason Kent is an Amazon Best Selling steampunk / science fiction author living the dream in Colorado. Jason books combine the old with the new as hi-tech space forces meet up with steam-powered machines in explosive engagements. Follow the adventures in New Sky and New Season and enjoy Far Space, a blend of near-future technologies, space marines, and just plain great sci-fi. Growing up on a steady diet of land-mark sci-fi movies, awesome Saturday morning cartoons, and just about every book from the local library, Jason nurtured the passion to write his own brand of science fiction. Attending OSU where he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering, managing military acquisition, and launching billion-dollar satellites for the U.S. Air Force helped Jason bring sci-fi technologies to the world today. Jason is a licensed professional engineer and has authored several articles about the space elevator, particularly as it relates to future military space activities and human expansion into the solar system. Jason recently completed his tour of duty with the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his years in the Air Force, Jason led teams in many diverse mission areas including systems engineering, space and launch vehicle operations, space system acquisition, and missile defense. Each of his assignments helped to broaden his experience in real-world space technology and space business as well as expose him to the joys of government contracting, planning, and acquisition. It is Jason's sincere desire to share his in-depth experience with the space program and U.S. military with his readers in an interesting and entertaining way. His books include #1 Kindle Best Seller New Sky: Eyes of the Watcher, New Season: Sparrow's Quest, and Far Space.

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