Chronicles of Loquacious, Centaur of Rhodes


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You are invited to meet a scholar turned traveler, pilgrim, soldier and voyager in a long-vanished world where philosophers train general-kings, empires rise and shatter, and technology teeters on the very brink of industrial revolution.

Herein can be found the writings of Loquacious of Rhodes, student of Aristotle, acquaintance of Plato, awed and amazed by the world around him, whose accounts of his time it is the very great pleasure of the Esterhazy Press to spread here before you. The Fourth Century B.C. is a forgotten era of huge ships, huge weapons, epic battles, and epic voyages. In Loquacious’s world, centaurs, satyrs, silenoi and men fought, voyaged, lived and died together—and who is to say in another reality that such great exploits are but myth? Miracles of nature, miracles of the gods—and miracles of science and ingenuity display themselves suddenly in terrifying instruments of war and great voyages to the edge of the known world.

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FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

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