Acts of Heroes


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World War II recedes ever faster now from recollection, but it is the intention of the Esterhazy Press to refresh those fading colors with a series of new adventures into the labyrinth of military memories. Leo Davis, sired and trained by survivors of The Great War, faces the fury of Imperial Japan and the intense and sophisticated savagery of Nazi Germany with his four feet firmly planted. Read within of his and others’ acts of courage and determination to prevent the victory of unendurable evil.

In the course of his service Davis acquaints those who read of his exploits with determined, doomed generals; beaten tankers with one last fight left in them; SS killers and a donkey-eared pilot out to find and destroy Hitler’s Vergeltungswaffen. From Luzon to the frozen misery of Bastogne, heroes of different minds and bodies act together in a world-wide victorious struggle against foes and beliefs that human and all other manifestations of kindly intelligence could not allow to conquer.

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FICTION / Fantasy / Historical

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