The Never Prayer


Blown in on the winds of a storm, two mysterious boys show up in Avalon, Colorado: one wants to save Lena, the other will try to destroy her.

Fiercely independent, Lena doesn’t think she needs saving. And she has already been destroyed.

After her parents are killed, she alone must take care of her little brother and her mentally ill aunt. She does this the only way she knows how—by living a life of crime and desperation.

Drawn into a hellish game of love and lust, Lena will have to walk the shadowy line between demon and angel, and in the end, the fate of her family and her soul will rest on the impossible decision she alone must make.

Filled with dark tension, yet transcendent with fragile hope, The Never Prayer is a page-turning thriller that will keep you guessing until its final, heart-breaking pages.

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FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

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