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Future astronaut, Jimmie Cherko, grew up in a working class, upstate New York family, eyes toward the stars. Never gifted in anything, he’d always had to settle for second-best. In his quest for space, he'd failed at Air Force pilot and navigator training. Despite always short of attaining his goal, Jimmie stubbornly continued to feel there had to be something more to his life, something important he was meant to do.... A lifetime later, Jimmie finds himself a crew member aboard a damaged orbiting spy station for a super-secret government organization, the Exoatmospheric Reconnaissance Organization. Alone, amnesiac, and oddly restrained within a cocoon-like apparatus, flashes of disturbing memory assault him: of a sleepwalking mother... her questioning the actual number of children in the family... his own mysterious and lifelong association with deer and conflicting military and civilian lives... and a shadowy, fedora-wearing stranger... along with the appearance of a fellow space station crew member who seemed more than a little “off.” What he remembers contradicts what he’d actually lived. Soon, it all becomes clear...too clear...and he realizes, he’s not the man he thought he was.... Fact manipulation. Disinformation. Obfuscation. Are the lives we live really our own?

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FICTION / Action & Adventure

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