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Life...we are told...progresses chronologically. Between birth and death we take certain roads...bypass others. There is only one life, one reality. But what if we have it all wrong? In 1977 the government created a classified “remote viewing” program to gather intelligence by psychic means. In 1995 that program was terminated—but what if that wasn’t the whole story? What if.... Lizzie Gordon, a humble hotline psychic, performs readings from her One Tree, Colorado, trailer park. She’s good at her work, life is good, but she harbors a guilt about not having been able to use her gift when she really needed to. Is she a fraud? Then a dark visitor enters her life, claiming to be from the FBI, looking for a child molester...but what he tells her and what she senses are not quite the same, and her life is irrevocably changed.... Enter the world of psychic espionage...where people disappear...lives are destroyed...and facts are manipulated. Where one man stops at nothing to get what he wants, yet doesn’t know what he really has...and one woman’s belief in herself is severely tested.... Where all is never as it seems.

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FICTION / Action & Adventure

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