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Sourdough Jackson began reading science fiction with a Jules Verne novel at the age of six, found science fiction fandom in the early 1970s, and has been deeply involved with it ever since. Early on, he met longtime Denver fan Gail Barton at a convention, and they married in 1978.

Since that time, he has been involved with convention committees, fanzine publishing, and the Denver Area Science Fiction Association, serving as that group's secretary for twelve years. With Gail, he has accumulated a huge library of SF and fantasy books. For the past three years, he has written a monthly column on classic science fiction, "That Old Science Fiction," in DASFAx, the association's newsletter.

A lifelong student of naval history, Torpedo Junction: Rommel the Ocean Fox in the Pacific is his debut novel.

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The author has lived in the western Denver suburbs for several decades.
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