Campsite Six


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Campsite Six is about Evie Clayborn, a young professional who wants to get away. She escapes the city to find some rest at a secluded campsite, but Campsite Six isn’t as secluded as she thinks. She has to run. Her life depends on it. Now she wonders, which is worse—being lost or found?

Evie wants to quiet the noise from her past, with a mother who keeps it all too fresh, and a dark secret that follows her everywhere.

Had her imagination run wild, or was she being followed?

It seemed everyone, in heaven and on earth, was searching for Evie Clayborn—but one had the worst of intentions. They had to find her first. It was her only hope.

Evie’s only choice is to face her past with a courage she doesn’t know she has, and a restored faith that helps her fight an enemy who wants nothing more than to leave her dead in the woods and in eternal darkness.

Campsite Six invites readers to root for Evie during her most vulnerable moments, to care deeply about her loss and life, and identify their own fears and faith through a fantastic lens that lets their minds wonder about redemption, eternity, and the nearness of God.

Similar to books by C.S. Lewis and Madeleine L'Engle, Campsite Six involves the lives of everyday people, who are offered a chance to see life through the lens of possible, yet fantastic, scenarios that lead to life changing experiences.

Campsite Six is a speculative suspense novel with a simple yet plausible storyline drawn from Biblical references, that uses the unknowns in its pages as the entry points of fiction and fantasy.

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FICTION / Christian / Suspense