Small Secrets


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Life is not as orderly as it seems amidst the soybean fields of the 1970s Midwest. Farm girl Raki Pederson finds that out the hard way. Homeless, cast out by her family, carrying a baby and a heavy secret, she redeems her life through the kindness of strangers. There’s the hapless pastor, Sam, followed by a succession of women, each with her own dark secret: Margaret, guilt-ridden from her sister’s death; Carol, a feminist Robin Hood; and Mrs. Anderson, who did the ‘right thing’ only to regret it the rest of her life.

Now a successful middle-aged businesswoman, Raki returns to her hometown upon the death of her mentor, Dolores Richter. Concerned that Miss Richter hid the deepest secret of all, Raki seeks the truth and in so doing gains the courage to reveal her own.

Set in a time of social, sexual and political upheaval, Small Secrets is an age-old tale of shame and sacrifice, abandonment and rescue, betrayal and forgiveness.

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