A Dead End in Vegas


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A desperate wife in Denver aims for payback on her cheating husband by crafting a devious scheme. But will it work?

Tricia Sloan meets hot professor Joe Daggett on Facebook, and the pair begin a torrid Internet affair. A few months later they plan a romantic tryst in Las Vegas. She shows up, but he doesn't. After a few suspenseful days, Joe sends a buddy, Al Posey, who lives in Vegas, to take her to dinner. Tricia, now humiliated by both her husband and her lover, ends up in bed with Al. Two days later, her nude, lifeless body is found in bed by a maid at the Bellagio.

A Dead End in Vegas is a searing exploration of how Tricia Sloan's shocking, mysterious death shatters, and later transforms, the lives of her family and friends. Her son dies in a grisly accident. Her best friend's marriage crumbles under the strain of constant grief. Her husband becomes obsessed with revenge and tries to destroy the lives of Joe Daggett and Al Posey. In the process, he meets and falls in love with Al's showgirl-wife, Cindy.

A Dead End in Vegas is a ringing commentary on Internet affairs, death, and delusion in Middle America.

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FICTION / Literary