Pop-Out Girl


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Jen and Colton’s lives soon unravel when Zane Hollister, Jen’s toxically jealous ex-boyfriend, returns to Las Vegas after two years in prison and discovers they’re a couple. Stalking and taunting them for months gets him nowhere, so Zane masterminds a devilish zip-line accident and a terrifying car crash. Later, there’s a kidnapping and forced marriage, and then a horrific drive-by shooting. where Zane hits Colton’s boss, Matt, by mistake as he aims for Colton.

With Matt lingering in a coma, Jen’s cocktail-waitress mother Brandi hears his name on the local news and realizes he’s her first love of decades past—and Jen’s real father.

Will Matt emerge from his coma to reunite with Brandi and Jen? Do the cops nab Zane, who’s hiding out in Hawaii? And can Jen and Colton’s love survive Zane’s lethal jealousy?

There’s a happy ending for some, but not for all, in POP-OUT GIRL.

Book Author: 
FICTION / Contemporary Women