Rebellion: Book One of the Rebellion Trilogy


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Trouble is brewing in Durthia and things are about to come to a boil. For years the thane Jergle has rallied troops to fight the corruption seen in the noble courts. He has been garnering support from lesser lords and farming villages, and now he is ready to act. In order to overthrow the king, he believes he must defeat each of the loyalist strongholds to leave the capital vulnerable. However, when a courier brings him news of the king's plans, Jergle quickly makes a decision that may doom him: to storm the king's fortress while it is at its weakest.
The rebel forces assemble and march on the capital, Cenock. Meanwhile the courier, Seruke, heads to his hometown for a much needed break after completing dangerous missions in the name of the rebellion. His journey becomes convuloluted and he finds himself in the midst of the war and he faces a decision to save either the rebellion or his hometown. The aftermath of his choice is felt by all of Durthia and Seruke finds himself on a path brimming with lies and destruction.

FICTION / Fantasy

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