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Anne is the author of the Fettigrew Hall mystery series. Her plan is to write more in the series of this 600 year old fictional house. The first book Fettigrew Hall - The Biography of a House is the story of an English/American woman who finds mystery, a skeleton, murder and many artifacts, which will be talked about in the other books.
Her second book The 13th Century is about the foundation of the property and starts the mysteries when a castle is built on the property. This is the story of a young woman who, through circumstance, becomes responsible for her father's castle and the people living there.
Anne shares her life with her husband of 37 years. Her rescue dog, Benji, is a constant companion and source of entertainment, as is Fenimore the cat. Her son, Ryan, is a film student in Denver. Currently occupying a 100 year old Victorian in Colorado Springs, Colorado, she loves to soak up the sun and work on the flowers in the yard. If it is too cold for outdoor flowers, her orchids will do just fine.
She loves to read mysteries, histories and science. And movie watching is also a favorite activity. She and her husband have been members of a gourmet cooking group for 14 years.
Although warm beaches are her favorite place to be, England is her favorite place to explore. She is always ready for travel, taking her camera with her to capture those pictures that beg to be painted.

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