Uranium Drive-in


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Jack Bannister and his team of investigators take on the most high-profile criminal case in the country: the assassination attempt against popular presidential candidate John Taylor in downtown Denver. The Taylor family—fifth-generation ranchers in South Park, Colorado—hire Bannister when the investigation stalls.

As the shooting brings the family together, family matriarch Lora Rose Taylor begins to share a few secrets of her own. The investigation leads them through the secretive world of high finance and power politics. A reclusive billionaire investor has been quietly buying up old uranium claims throughout Western Colorado in anticipation of gaining a corner on the American market. Before the investigation can uncover the shooter, the investor's private security team of ex-commandos is exposed and the search takes a dramatic turn into violence and kidnapping. The trail ultimately uncovers a legacy of government deceit and a battle between the landowners and the mining industry.

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FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Private Investigators

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