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Born in Denver, CO, I've spent my life exploring the Rocky Mountains. The volunteer activity director of an adult outdoor club, I led trips 35 weekends a year for 13 years. I took between 25-50 people camping, hiking, mountain climbing, backpacking, canoeing, rafting, spelunking, downhill and cross country skiing.

International travel is my passion. I've visited 37 countries, many of them quite exotic. I was a founder of the first hut-to-hut system in Nepal. Two years later, I began organizing and leading treks to the Everest Base Camp. Present during the worst storm in Nepal's history, I was appalled at world press coverage of the foreigners who died with little mention of the Sherpas who also perished. I returned home to write their story in Beyond the Summit and told it in fiction in order to reach a larger audience. Everything in the book is based on actual events, interviews with Sherpas, my own experiences, and extensive research. I'm a reference librarian.

The parents of Jordan Romero chose me to write his story based on my knowledge of Everest, my extensive travel experience, and my ability to relate to teens as a young adult librarian. It was a pleasure getting to know this family and an incredible young man. No Summit Out of Sight tells of his adventures climbing the highest peaks on each continent. He reached the summit of Everest at age 13.

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