The Complete Guide to Buddhist America


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This is the first in-depth guide to Buddhism in North America, introducing the many facets of Buddhist practice and belief, highlighting the unique development of Buddhism in the West, as well as offering detailed listings to over a thousand meditation centers.

The book is divided into four parts, the first three representing the major Buddhist traditions that have taken root in America: Theravada (The Path of Insight), Mahayana (The Path of Compassion), and Vajrayana (The Path of Devotion). The fourth part covers nonsectarian groups. Each part begins with several essays by leading Buddhist teachers, scholars, and longtime students to introduce the philosophy and practices of that particular school. Then follow listings of hundreds of centers and meditation groups identified with that tradition, with brief descriptions of each center's facilities, the schedule of regular practices and special retreats, information about teacher lineages, and full contact information. The listings are enhanced by over a hundred photographs of the centers and their teachers, as well as by sidebars highlighting their unique features, practices, and events.

This is a completely revised and vastly expanded edition of the author's Buddhist America: Centers, Retreats, Practices (published in 1988). In addition to being thoroughly updated, The Complete Guide to Buddhist America contains more than twice the number of listings and articles contained in the earlier edition.

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