The Sword of Ghespi


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Forced to flee for his life, Faelin the 14 year old heir to the throne of Malsait is confronted with many adventures as he and his companions fight to stay alive. Four years later the boy has grown to be a man raised by the wizard Ghespi and Felsik the former captain of the kings guard. Ghespi is killed by an evil wizard, but places his essence into Faelin's sword thus creating The Sword of Ghespi. Homeless once again and now fleeing from the evil warlord who killed his parents and the evil wizard who wants The Sword of Ghespi Faelin meets a beautiful merchant’s daughter, Tharesea who takes him to meet another wizard, Koto San. Koto San takes in Faelin and his companions. Now Faelin must raise an army to save his life and to rid the kingdom of Malsait of the both the evil wizard and the evil warlord.

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FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

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