Harrison Phillips


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Growing up in rural Colorado, 12 miles from Castle Rock, much of his young life was spent reading and playing out doors. These two things helped him to developed a good imagination and a sense of adventure. As he grew it came to him that he wanted to write novels. He loved to tell stories that he would make up. He also found out that people liked to listen to the stories, even ones he would make up on the spot. Harrison began his love for fantasy while reading J. R. R. Tolkein’s “The Hobbit” and continued reading fantasy novels from then on. In the back of his mind he always new that he would one day write his own. Like many people life and living got in the way and although he would write from time to time he didn’t become a published author until recently. Now he has finally realized his dream and penned his first fantasy novel, “The Sword of Ghespi”. This is the first of what Harrison hopes will be many fantasy novels to come and he has a couple new novels that are already in the works.

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