Teague Bohlen


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Teague Bohlen is a novelist and freelance writer; his articles have been seen both locally (primarily in Westword) and nationally (mainly in various outlets of Village Voice Media, such as Topless Robot and L.A. Weekly). His fiction has appeared in national literary journals such as South Dakota Review, Waccamaw Review, Terrain.org, and several others. His first novel, The Pull of the Earth, won the Colorado Book Award for fiction; a textbook he co-wrote and edited, The Snarktastic Guide to College Success, was released in 2014. He is currently working on a book of flash fiction and his second novel.

At the University of Colorado Denver, he has received two awards for excellence in teaching. He currently serves as both Fiction Editor for the CU Denver literary magazine Copper Nickel, and as Faculty Advisor for the student newspaper The Sentry.

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