Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist's Romance


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Forty Years Stoned: A Journalist’s Romance celebrates a life of high adventure guided by the inspirations and invigorations of smoking marijuana. It’s about discovering Leif Eriksson’s birthplace, and it’s about discovering that the love of your life has Parkinson’s disease. It’s about finding laughter and joy amid the rubble of disappointment and creating a vision of acceptance and perfect well-being. It’s about my partner Holly, and how we built a beach shack in Costa Rica, and how Annie Leibovitz came down to doll us up in palm fronds and shoot us at the height of our earthly ambitions. It’s about how, soon after that, we found out why Holly’s fingers were trembling when she did her yoga stretches. So began our final adventure. This is not a sad story. Blame marijuana for the uplifting tone and the comic diversions. Credit marijuana for helping comfort and amuse Holly during her relentless decline while granting me the countless sweet clemencies that have allowed me to go the distance as her caregiver.

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