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Tom Huth is a newspaperman by education and training: he started in his hometown of Detroit as a copy editor at the Free Press, then moved on to the Washington Post as a foreign-desk editor and feature writer during the Watergate years.

He left the Post in 1973 to try more creative forms of writing, and he has been freelancing ever since.

In 1979 his first novel, Unnatural Axe, a satire of the Colorado hippie counterculture, was published by Delacorte. Two years later, Delacorte published Drive-a-Way Man, a send-up of the New Age movement about a man who drives his stroke-addled father around the country to snap him out of his lifelong trance.

In the 1980s he began writing long-form features for magazines, and since then he has been published in Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure, GQ, Esquire, Outside, Men’s Journal, Islands, Fortune, Historic Preservation, American Way, California, The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

In 2012 he co-authored the e-book True Tales of an Outback Guide: Why Kangaroos Go Boing-Boing-Boing.

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