Alan C. Iannacito


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Alan C. Iannacito grew up in Denver, Colorado. He did a stint in the U.S. Navy and made a long career of getting educated through business, school, writing, and life's trials and tribulations. He is a graduate of Denver's North High School, Metropolitan State University (Denver) and the University of Denver.

He worked for thirty years as a musician and forty-plus years as a business owner. He has contributed to procedures manuals, technical textbooks, journal articles, and newspaper and magazine articles.

Alan has written several novels. Some are works-in-progress, poetry, and nonfiction. He also dabbles in visual art. He takes photos and paints or creates cartoon images of what he recorded. Even the serious stuff looks like cartoons. This evolved from a long physical recuperation as a child in which he buried himself in comic books and goofy stories.

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