Serum: A Political Thriller


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This book contains violence, sexual content, and strong language.

Curing cancer is deadly business.

Dr. Charles Whittaker is one of the top biochemists in the USA. A respected professor of pharmacology at the University of Washington in Seattle, he works diligently in his lab with his most trusted student and protege. Together they seek to find a cure for mammalian cancer as they urgently try to save the life of Dr. Whittaker's German Shepherd, Martha.

When the government finds out that Dr. Whittaker poses a threat to a large portion of the medical economy, they decide to eliminate the threat. The NSA assists the CIA in tracking down and killing the good doctor, but as a Vietnam Vet he's not eager to accept their decision.

The chase is on as more than one group find out about his formula, and he's chased by dirty operatives and criminals alike.

Mica and Laura are a husband and wife CIA assassin team. They're assigned to kill Dr. Whittaker after an earlier team fails to eliminate him. As they pursue him tirelessly, they learn some things are more important than blind duty. Family. Patriotism. People. These things matter the most in this life.

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FICTION / Thrillers / Political

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