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In Demimonde: “The history of the West has a submerged narrative. Beneath the story of conquest and destiny are stories of despair, desire, abuse and loss— women’s stories that are finally given lyric voice in Demimonde. “This is the land/ where ladders fall away,” where hope and aspiration are used up, where lives are bought and sold. These are stories of “our other selves/ selves we’d want saved.” With language that is sonorous, rich and compassionate, Bridger imagines these women back to life, and when we see them lifted out of their oppression, we understand our history in a new way, not storied by men but storied and sung by women, unmuffled, fierce, courageous and compassionate, finally liberated in a burst of gorgeous and sorrowful poetry.” –Lisa Allen Ortiz, author of Self Portrait As A Clock and Turns Out

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