An Angel Within


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Colin Maxwell thought that he had finally turned his life around. After losing Sarah to cancer and raising their son for two years, Colin falls in love and marries Lisa. When their second daughter, Angel, is born with cystic fibrosis, Colin is forced to confront old demons as he deals with another life-threatening disease within his family. When Colin discovers that Angel has become obsessed with a small, ceramic figurine of Sarah’s, things begin to unravel. As Angel’s sickness progresses, Colin and his family experience a series of mysterious events that leaves him questioning his perception of reality. With the help of his enigmatic neighbor, Colin begins to reconcile his past, confront his lingering guilt, and reluctantly examine his spirituality. As Colin struggles to keep his sanity and bring his family together, he is forced to withstand a final emotionally charged event in order to save his daughter and find redemption. Set in the foothills of Colorado, An Angel Within interweaves themes of love, beauty, forgiveness, and hope, as a man struggles to save his family and save himself.

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