Dawn's Diamond Defense: A Sports Story For Girls


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It all started with a wayward soccer ball that left 9th-grader Dawn Davis with a black eye, a sore nose...and a date with a good-looking sophomore. Before she knows what's happening, Dawn's life is a rush of school and soccer, youth group and mixed-up friendships. How did she end up playing peacemaker for the soccer team's forward line? And can she be happy with her own "no glory" position on defense?

Meanwhile on the sidelines, Dawn and her youthgroup friends are working hard to gather food for the homeless. Follow Dawn through a tangle of relationships, sports and social issues that every girl can totally understand!

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Grade 6-9 Dawn's first meeting with Nathan Hall is caused by an accident which leaves her with two black eyes and a fat lip. Thus begins this fast-paced story of girls' soccer and rivalry. Dawn, who plays defense, is also involved with the church, where she is asked to recruit more kids for the youth group. The soccer and church group are intertwined because they both involve the same students. Jorgensen knows soccer and is skillful in her descriptions of the practices and games played. However, the Christian emphasis is weak. Prayer seems to be thrown in as an afterthought just before games rather than a consistency throughout the story. There is little spiritual maturity shown in any of the characters, but the girls' conflicts with each other are well handled. The fast-paced action will keep readers interested, but the Christian aspect of the story is secondary to the plot. Sue E. Hamilton, Jackson County Library, Medford, Oreg.
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