And the Wind Whispered


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Imagine Agatha Christie writes a murder mystery, using a cast of characters as vast as any by J.R.R. Tolkien, and places it in the land of Louis L'Amour. This is the scope of And the Wind Whispered, the tale of three teenaged budding reporters who stumble onto a murder, which is only the beginning of the mystery. With visits from a virtual who's who of the wild west, the boom town of Hot Springs, South Dakota will not soon for get 1894.
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FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Historical
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"It's rare to find a work that is a real delight in its uniformly feisty, believable protagonists who work within a plot that holds no boundaries. And the Wind Whispered is a remarkable achievement" - D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"...the book begins as any good murder mystery should, with a body. Throw in a dark cave and three snoopy kids, and you've a good story - if you know how to write it...Dan Jorgensen knows how" - Kevin Woster, KELO TV


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