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A Minnesota native (born in St. Mary's Hospital, owned by the Mayo Clinic), he grew up in rural South Dakota and attended a one-room country school. Was the first member of his family to attend college, where he majored in journalism. Since then, he's gone back for a master's degree in journalism and public relations, taken courses in creative writing, and had a long career as a writer, editor, educator and p.r. specialist. Resides in Broomfield, CO.

In addition to writing hundreds of news, sports and feature stories, both as a journalist and in public relations, he's authored seven books – including the just-released "And The Wind Whispered" – three songs and a one-act play, contributed to two anthologies, and serves as senior writer for "Broadlands Living" magazine.

And, since 1990 he's taught journalism and public relations at the collegiate level. He continues to do talks about "The Writing Life" and “Storytelling – From Journalism to Creative Writing.” When not writing, he enjoys all sports and has coached girls sports. He also loves community theater and has acted in more than 30 plays and musicals. He and his wife have two grown daughters, two amazing sons-in-law, and four terrific grandsons.

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