Divine Vengeance


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The distance from honor to vengeance is just one heartbeat. Johan seeks glory. Raimon seeks faith. Both find love in Guilelma’s arms, but only death and depravity in Simon de Montfort’s wake. When they join forces, it is for a common goal: to exact retribution for Montfort’s brutality. Set in southern France in the early 1200s, Divine Vengeance follows the Holy Crusade against the Cathars, a sect whose beliefs did not align with Rome, as viewed through the eyes of a soldier and a monk. But this rich history is only the backdrop for a story of two men who unknowingly love the same woman and yet become comrades against a common enemy: Simon de Montfort, the Church’s sadistic crusader. Praise for Divine Vengeance: Chanticleer Writing Competition (2013): 1st Place for Medieval/Dark Ages. About the author: D.W. Koons has traveled the world, having lived extended periods in Hong Kong, England, China and Spain. He currently resides in Colorado, working as an analyst in local government, writing novels and painting medieval illuminations. D.W. is a retired Colorado State Champion sabre fencer who now expends his energy cycling, kayaking and hiking.

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FICTION / Historical

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