A Chardonnay a Day: Vignettes That Bring Cheer


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Written with warmth of heart, insight, and a sense of fun, this collection of essays and personal narratives by Maggie McCann Pike offers generous servings of reflection, wit, and opinion. Lighthearted and uplifting, readable and engaging, the vignettes within describe the human spirit, at times with tenderness, at times with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The tale of the day two friends crashed a funeral, a poignant story of a mother's dementia, a hats-off to the legacy of ancestors, an anecdote of a child whose family moved away and forgot to tell her, and an awkward, nay mortifying, experience at a water park describe a few of the stories in A Chardonnay a Day: Vignettes That Bring Cheer. Imbibe them one a day or all at once, whatever brings you pleasure.

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