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A roller-coaster ride worthy of Coney Island…On an afternoon in early February, the neighborhood is stunned and horrified when the lifeless body of an eight-year-old boy is discovered abandoned on the roof of an apartment building.No clues, no witnesses, no apparent reason.When a second boy is found two days later, Homicide Detectives Samson, Vota and Murphy of Brooklyn's 61st Precinct quickly deduce that the two boys were victims of the same killer.The brutal murders of the two young boys have Samson questioning his strength as a protector of his children and his continued commitment to law enforcement.Vota searches for a homeless man who may be witness to a fatal street shooting.Murphy is trying to locate his brother, a suspect in a robbery homicide, before the situation turns much worse.A killer who believes he is following a mandate from God is handing out Old Testament retribution to those he identifies as responsible for his torment.Slowly, the insanity and tragedy behind the killer's motives are revealed through cryptic messages left at the scenes of the crimes and delivered in anonymous notes.All of these lives intersect and collide leading to a furious and dramatic conclusion on the turbulent streets of Gravesend.

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FICTION / Thrillers / Crime
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In our top five for best of 2012 is J.L. Abramo's GRAVESEND. The discovery of an eight-year-old boy's body on the roof of an apartment building sets off a chain of events that will tie together a group of people in profound ways. Homicide Detectives Samson, Vota and Murphy of Brooklyn's 61st Precinct link the body to that of another boy with no clues as to who the killer might be. As each detective works the case, each is also torn by other cases and other traumas; some very close to home. One is an unwitting target of a vengeful drug dealer, one is being worked by a reporter trying to write her way to the top and another needs to find his brother before the law does. This is a remarkable book that will tie you in knots as you wait to see how it all plays out. A truly exceptional novel.
-Crimespree Magazine


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