The Pendant Saga: Book One: Picaroons and Pembertons


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Join the Pemberton children as they experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Through circumstances beyond their control, they discover a powerful relic in the desert sands, and are cast into an epic tale that spans generations. Follow ancient maps, and battle sea beasts, in the land of Eylenda - as you become part of a larger story that began with the stars.

This book is one part Indiana Jones, with two parts Boxcar Children, and a sprinkle of Dr. Who. At the heart of the book is a “sibling love story,” something that Knighted feels is missing from children’s literature. As a teacher, a lot of books pass by Knighted’s desk, but something seems to be absent from the stories. “When I was in middle school, I wasn’t interested in heavy drama,” says the author. “Too many books now are so serious and frankly, a bit depressing. At that age, I wanted to play make believe and imagine other worlds. By creating the land of Eylenda, I’ve indulged that side of my personality and filled a gap in the genre.”

Continuing: “When I was younger, I also loved spending time with my siblings. Those memories are what anchor ‘The Pendant Saga’ – that love for my siblings and how I wanted to look after them. That special bond between the Pemberton children is what keeps them fighting for each other, even when they might be up against immeasurable odds! This first book introduces the first pendant of four. We will meet other pendant keepers in the next books. Their stories are what will keep kids coming back for more.”

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