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Allison "Aixin" Branscombe is an avid traveler, researcher and writer. After adopting two children from China, she took a keen interest in learning about the country in order to help her children learn about their heritage. Her interest grew as she became a founding board member of Families with Children from China in Northern California (FCC), helping to organize Mandarin playgroups and other cultural and educational learning opportunities for families. Allison served as President of the Board of Directors of FCC - Northern California as well as its newsletter editor.

As a board member of the Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation she was able to expand her knowledge of Chinese culture with the help of many good friends. Allison became a founding organizer for Sacramento's Chinatown Mall Culture Fair for which she developed arts, craft and other instructional activities for children. She loves to give classroom presentations about adoption, and has been a valued presenter at adoption workshops for adults.

Nicknamed "Aixin" as a child by a younger sister who could not pronounce her actual name, this moniker has stuck within the family. In Mandarin, this name means "loving heart." No one at the time could have foreseen the natural connection she had with China. Allison, with her husband and daughters, has traveled extensively in China.

It is Allison's wish that this book become a favorite for children and teachers of all ages, showcasing what is most important to know about this ancient country with a complicated blend of old and new ways. Building bridges to our future starts with understanding the spirit, history and culture of one of our most important global partners.

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Was born and raised in Colorado. Currently lives out of state.
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