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Jerry's story is a familiar one. Former bartender/stand-up comic and mall Santa hear God's call to leave the bright lights of show biz and dedicate his life to doing the Lord's work. You've heard it a million times...

Jerry was born in Detroit, and lived in both L.A. and Orlando working in Radio, T.V., film. During Jerry's stand-up career he worked with Dick Clark, Jay Leno and Olympia Dukakis, and was a contract writer for Jay Leno. Jerry got his Masters of Divinity from Iliff School of Theology and was ordained in the United Methodist Church in 2009. Jerry was appointed to plant a new church, AfterHours Denver, in the downtown metro area focusing on the poor and spiritually independent. He is Chief Love Monger and Lead Spiritual Entrepreneur of that faith & action community. AfterHours Denver currently hands out food, water and communion to 700+ people a week in Civic Center Park.

Jerry speaks all over the country on a variety of topics including; new models of church, entrepreneur leadership, innovation in ministry and working with the poor outside the walls of the church.

Jerry has been married to his wife Laura for more than 20 years and their son Hudson Just recently graduted high school. Their dog Rocky is slow-witted but enthusiastic.

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