The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation


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The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation

Should you have an audiobook version of your book? How do you do an audiobook? And most importantly, how do you make money with an audiobook? Richard Rieman’s guide to audiobook creation and marketing will also help you decide whether to voice your own book or hire a great narrator. It includes the critical details of audiobook self-publishing on Amazon's Audible, iTunes, and beyond.

Sean Pratt, Acclaimed Audiobook Narrator (850 books and counting!) and Acting Coach, writes:
“Finally...FINALLY! Someone has written an easy to understand, no nonsense primer for authors to help them navigate through the unknown waters of audiobook production! Richard steers this course by answering the myriad questions that writers have, concerning the journey of turning their work into a recording. BRAVO!”

Over $2 billion dollars in audiobooks were sold in 2015. This is how you join the Audiobook Revolution!

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