On the Shores of a Dark Sea


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A jump drive mishap has left Captain Sarah Dayson’s fleet of starships marooned in intergalactic space, but when her science officers find one rogue star within range of her remaining fuel, Sarah believes she’s found a place where humanity will be safe from the Hive. The Hive is a soulless and unforgiving enemy driving humanity extinct within the galaxy proper.

Sarah believes the rogue star, which she dubs Oasis, is too remote for the Hive to be interested.

She believes she has safety for her ships and crews. Instead a starship is pulled to its doom by a mysterious force.

An enemy steps forward that Sarah’s nuclear weapons just make angrier.

Romance is kindled as a military fleet turns to the business of becoming colonists, only to discover they need to remain a military fleet just a bit longer.

Sarah came to Oasis thinking it was her salvation, the end of war. She learns that salvation isn’t always what it’s expected to be.

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FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

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