The Anvil of Dust and Stars


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A relentless enemy eats away at the frontier of human occupied space, altering human colonists to their purpose in the process. Ahead of the invasion front a young girl is forced to flee from her home world. On the starliner carrying her family to safety, she vows to her father to defend their new home, and twenty years later she gets the chance. Book 1 in the Dark Seas series chronicles the rise of Sarah Dayson from determined young lady to the command of a fleet of powerful warships. Worlds fall, battles are lost and won. Each phase of the conflict forges her into the next stage of her life. Eventually Sarah finds a solution to her problems in an unexpected place, and in an unexpected way. The solution satisfies her need to save humanity, to find a safe home. Safety, however, can be so transient...

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FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

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