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Damon Alan was born in Columbus, IN in 1966. He grew up in different southern Indiana locations. He was always the geek in the crowd, developing an early love for science fiction. He could recite many lines from Star Trek, and hungrily consumed what passed for sci-fi TV in his youth. In adulthood he tried several different paths at college before finally realizing he didn't want that structure. He left school and joined the Air Force to be assigned to Space Command, which sounded much cooler than it probably was. After leaving the Air Force in 1990, he returned to school but also applied to the FAA to be an Air Traffic Controller. In 1992 that became reality, and he became an ATC at the Indianapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center. Retired from ATC now, he is pursuing writing as a second career. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Colorado Springs, CO, and is lucky enough to have a family that supports his goal of authorship."The Anvil of Dust and Stars" and "On the Shores of a Dark Sea" are available via Kindle and in paperback on Amazon as book 1 & 2 in the Dark Seas series. "Serum: A Political Thriller" is now available on Kindle, and soon via Createspace on Amazon.

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