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I was born in Alexandria, Virginia. I am an author, historian, editor and educator. I have lived and traveled throughout the world. Presently, I live in Lafayette, Colorado.

My greatest joy is my family. My second joy is writing for adults and young adults, who wish to learn and dream of living in a time of history that was frequently tragic, challenging, and fulfilling--yet always fascinating. After high school graduation, I began working as a secretary for the Defense Intelligence Agency. This allowed me to live in distant lands, yet was not the job for me. After graduating from college, I worked as a mental health counselor, and discovered quite quickly that I became too involved in my clients' lives to continue this profession. All the while, I wrote and fought to become published through agents and traditional publishing houses.

While pregnant with my first child, I experienced preterm labor and was hospitalized. Through this experience, I discovered my lifelong profession as childbirth educator and doula. I loved my work with pregnant families and new parents and their babies. I retired in March of 2015. My experience with childbirth and women's bodies has helped me tremendously in the authenticity of my writing.

In 2008, I was involved in a car accident. I was hit by a drunk driver. The result of the accident was a surgery involving two fusions in my neck and back. I am now disabled with chronic pain. I have had to retire from my other professions, but fortunately it has not stopped my writing career. Also this experience has enhanced my knowledge of the physical and emotional consequences of pain and helped in my writing. Throughout my life, I have always continued my great love, which is to write historical fiction.

Now that I can publish my novels with the help of professional agencies such as Createspace and Amazon, I can achieve the dream of my lifetime--seeing my novel in print! I will keep on writing, only now I will write full time, which has always been my goal.

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