For Love of Their Children


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A god fell from the sky, carving a line of blue fire across the night for weeks. Many followed it. Flax brought his family as pilgrims, following the god north to the site where it landed. Among other pilgrims, it was easy to hide the fact that he was really no pilgrim at all but a fugitive. He thought to start a new life, a peaceful life with his wife, his children, his newest son. But his conscience weighed on him day by day. Every day of peace came at the cost of escaping justice. Across the desert, in the kingdom of Hitai, another father worried about his own children. Ynn the king, knew his immortality hinged on being murdered and succeeded by one of his offspring. Yet none were ready for the task of ruling, and some were very much up to the task of murder. How to survive long enough to teach them wisdom? But the god had plans for them all. It would throw them together, stretch them apart, remake them into warriors, heroes, and monsters. They would all do good things and bad. And how far will each of them go... ...for love of their children?

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FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

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