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The very best way to get information about you and your books, or about Colorado authors you like and their books, onto the Colorado Literary Network website is to create a login account and add it yourself, but we understand if you are too busy or aren't sure you want to sign up on yet another website.

So, we've created this form to add information about a Colorado author and one of their books. Please don't be intimidated by all the information requested. It's needed to provide a full experience and to best showcase the author and book. We request that you do your best to provide as much of the requested information as you can, but we'll go with whatever you do provide and fill in entries as best we can in the future.

Whether it's through this form or through a login account, we thank you for contributing to this website as a member of the book-reading and -writing communities interested in Colorado authors.

Author Information
Book author information.
Book Information
Book information.

The following section is for information about the different formats in which the book is avalable. Fill out what information you can about the formats; the information will be used, where possible, to create purchase links.