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Sermon Series

In Sermon Series, her first full-length collection of poetry, writer Stephanie Harper focuses on moments that are explorations of the self and relationships with the exterior world, both known and unknown, through concrete and tangible expressions of language. Drawing direct inspiration from sermons and the worship experience, the writer has crafted a universally spiritual collection of poems that transcends religious tradition and instead focuses on the greater mysteries of living and experiencing the world around us, offering a new avenue for contemplative poetry.

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In Demimonde: “The history of the West has a submerged narrative. Beneath the story of conquest and destiny are stories of despair, desire, abuse and loss— women’s stories that are finally given lyric voice in Demimonde. “This is the land/ where ladders fall away,” where hope and aspiration are used up, where lives are bought and sold. These are stories of “our other selves/ selves we’d want saved.” With language that is sonorous, rich and compassionate, Bridger imagines these women back to life, and when we see them lifted out of their oppression, we understand our history in a new way, not storied by men but storied and sung by women, unmuffled, fierce, courageous and compassionate, finally liberated in a burst of gorgeous and sorrowful poetry.”

–Lisa Allen Ortiz, author of Self Portrait As A Clock and Turns Out

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The Territory of Home

The Territory of Home is a debut collection of 40 poems, a song to place: both within, between, as well as the natural and man-made world. Priya Huffman juxtaposes the losses we experience, both personal as well as environmental, with the exquisite luxury and beauty of ordinary life, unfolding in all the ways that it does . In language lyrical yet precise, she invites the reader into our all too human dilemma of yearning for belonging, even amidst the ever-present truth of impermanence. The Territory of Home is both a exultation of what truly endures as well as a ballad to that which dies.

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of Bone and Breath

of Bone and Breath is a riveting commentary on human paradox. In this courageous contemplation, the awareness of death – our own, and all that is beloved to us – come into intimate conversation with the glories and fragilities of life. Each of the 51 poems (and prose) in this collection reflect facets of what it is to live an ephemeral existence, in a living memorial to all that changes, dies and renews.

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Journey On: Beauty and Grit Along the Way

Lives head towards all manner of destinations: the physical, mental, emotional, soulful, and symbolic. Yet it is this journey's path of to and fro that life itself means to observe and commemorate. Time and heart have their own unique seasons, and both become entwined with the poems found within. These poems are landmarks from a woman's life as a daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, teacher, and writer. May the words and prose inspire any who read them to trek forward, to Journey On.

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