Aftershocks: Survivor's Tales of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Just before noon on April 25th, 2015, Nepal sustained a 7.6M earthquake that took the lives of nearly 9000 people and injured another 23,000. Entire villages were flattened, and close to a half million people were displaced. Many of the country's world heritage sites, among them a number of important temples and monuments in Kathmandu's Durbar Square, as well as the city's iconic Darahara Tower, were destroyed.

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And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete

And Then I Smiled: Reflections on a Life Not Yet Complete, finds grace in life’s simplest moments. Through poems, inspiring essays and stories, readers journey from beaches, mountain streams and city parks to destinations in realms seldom visited, both inside and outside the physical world. Seemingly average moments of life create the backdrop for Miller’s keen observations and thought provoking, often deeply personal essays.

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