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America Under Attack: An Alternative History Of World War Two

America Under Attack is a military thriller with influences of alternative history. Alternative history is similar to historical fiction, with the exception that at a crucial point, called the point of departure, the events of history as related in the story begin to depart from reality.
In America Under Attack, an historical event in 1936 is changed, altering the flow of events to come. In actual history, German Lieutenant General Walter Weaver was killed when he tried to takeoff in an airplane with its controls locked. In America, he lives, to be the successful proponent in Germany for the development and production of large, long range bombers.
Being able to reach deep into Britain with her bombers gives Germany the ability to drive the English airfields, factories, and harbor facilities away from English Channel. This greatly increases the difficulty of Britain and her ally, the United States, to defend and retaliate against their common enemy. The heavy German bombers help bring the Soviet Union to its knees as well.
As the range of German bombers increases, the long-time goal of Adolf Hitler to attack the US on its own soil creeps toward reality. An aeronautical genius, crippled in his body and suffering from dwarfism, embodies the antithesis of the German Uber-race ideal. Yet it is upon him that the German air force, the Luftwaffe, must depend to solve the many problems in flying across the Atlantic Ocean and returning.
In America, crack US Army Air Corps pilot Major Joel Knight has been stymied in his efforts to get into the war in Europe. Instead of combat, the Army has assigned him to a training base in New Jersey, teaching new pilots aerial gunnery.
Without warning, only 18 months after the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, German airplanes appear without warning in the skies over New York City. The surprise is complete, the damage devastating. More attacks are imminent. Joel is thrust into the desperate defense of America’s cities armed with obsolete airplanes and untested tactics.
He must somehow marshal the forces at his command to defend against an enemy with superior technology to protect the vital war industries and the nation’s capital.
When intelligence is discovered that the super-secret Atomic labs at Oak Ridge, Tennessee are being threatened, the unexpected aid of a beautiful school teacher gives him an edge.
Can he thwart the diabolical threats and hold off the seemingly unassailable German bombers long enough to bring America’s powerful production capabilities and technology into play? Read America Under Attack and see!

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