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Binarius: Episode I

Somewhere beneath, within, outside the timelines of the cosmos, planet Fia has been tactically infected with poison. Fia is dying. She can no longer sustain the damage that is being inflicted upon her. She’s losing blood. Her creatures are near extinction, her lungs are raspy, and her veins are sick.

For this reason, Firinne lives with constant anxiety. She remembers a time when she was normal; before The Blacken came. Seemingly overnight, she is faced with betrayal, forcing her to abandon the safety of her home to search for help. What she finds is a world gone mad. From beneath their shrouds of illusion, below their iron crowns of imprisonment, and behind their goblets of blood — the people look at her like she is a savage — and maybe she is.

Hunted by her betrayer and packs of mechanical creatures — she finds a ruin that lights up the sky, and an electric orphan who hides in the shadows. Together, they must travel to the mountains where they step into a broken timeline of history and discover a prophecy and a blueprint that could ensure the survival of their planet — if they can manage to stay alive.

BINARIUS is a tale of victim and perpetrator, and those who, inevitably — are both.

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Rogue's Paradise

2000 years after the Rapture, we get what we deserve.

Welcome to Babelomorrah, a rogue’s paradise teeming with casinos, brothels, and booze. With an airship watching from above and the Royal Guard’s protection, Babelomorrah’s ruler gets whatever she wants. And this redheaded vixen wants two things: a kingdom-wide plague and Doban.

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