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Manhattan Transfer

MANHATTAN TRANSFER (Tor Books hardcover, July 1993). Aliens kidnap Manhattan; read all about it. Manhattan is taken away and placed under a huge clear dome, through which the trapped residents can see dozens of similarly trapped alien cities. Very much in the same spirit and scope as the 1996 film, INDEPENDENCE DAY. Echoed in a small way by the 1996 Star Trek: Voyager episode "Displaced." Science Fiction Book Club selection. Reached the preliminary Nebula Award ballot. On the Science Fiction Chronicle best of year list. Rockies Award winner. HOMer Award nominee (presented by the CompuServe SF Lit Forum). Hugo Award Honorable Mention. Seiun Award nominee (Japan). La Tour Eiffel nominee (France). Had been optioned for film (see status farther down this page). Chapter one was excerpted in Amazing Stories and in Jayne Loader's PUBLIC SHELTER CD-ROM.

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