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Murder on the Tracks

On a warm summer evening in 1949, Denver cop Joe Stryker and his rookie partner Moroni Perdue discover a body on the railroad tracks near the skid row area of Larimer Street. The victim’s head is crushed and the hands are missing. Homicide dismisses it as the accidental death of a drifter that “won’t rate space in the want ads.” Joe would have left it at that but for one disturbing element: the victim may be linked to the murder of Joe’s partner two years before, a death for which Joe still blames himself. This is Joe’s shot at redemption.

But his superiors warn him to stay off the case. His wife fears chasing his past could cost him their marriage . . . and his life. And his investigation leads him from the familiar world of Denver’s seamy side to the unfamiliar world of Denver’s rich and powerful involving blackmail, murder, a battle over water rights, adultery, and a very unhinged young actress.

As Joe learns, murder is easy . . . redemption is hard.
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What a great read! Murder on the Tracks reimagines Denver as it was in 1949, with the sights, sounds and quirky characters that make the city hum. Bruce Most has served up a clever, engrossing mystery with twists and turns you never see coming but are thrilled when they arrive.
~ Margaret Coel, author of Night of the White Buffalo

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Chasing Charlie Chan

Lenny Archer had more than a fair share of tough times and hard knocks, but he had finally decided to stay in the game rather than cash in his chips.Then, two late-night intruders at the Private Investigation office of Archer and Pigeon violently take the choice of life over death out of Lenny’s hands.Jimmy Pigeon is determined to discover who killed his friend and partner.

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